The number of children working in China is not known. Because of China’s repressive political system, it was not possible to obtain any information directly from China. News reports alluding to possible child labor problems in China are anecdotal in nature, providing details on specific investigations of factory fires and other disasters where children were present. These involve a range of export industries including garments/textiles, fireworks, and toys. There is some anecdotal information on child labor in the footwear, electronics, handicrafts (including artificial flowers), and gun industries, but supporting evidence is not available.
This Chinese boy working as a tire repair worker:

admin On July - 13 - 2010

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lionel Faleiro. Lionel Faleiro said: Chinese boy working as a tire repair worker #ChildLabour […]

  2. aswat says:

    Can some NGO organizations look after this and sure they can fund for his mechanical studies instead of wasting their time in unwanted issues

  3. losan says:

    Although these pictures amaze me, i still disagree with how the parents allow this little kid to work on this field.

  4. […]   These photos are from Lu Guang’s documentary project “Pollution in China”. His work often focus on people that live poorly, and at the bottom of the society. He is now a freelance photographer but was earlier a factory worker. For this project he has travelled around China photographing the consequences of pollution. Some of the photos are shocking and some are touching. It is absurd to think how badly some people have it, and how much they suffer for someones great earnings. The factories are spitting out tons and tons of bad gasses every day. All of this goes straight in the nature, and people living nearby or working at those places has a hard time living. In these pictures you will see how many children are born with some kind of bone illness, others have festers all over their body so they cannot lay down on a bed but have to sleep while sitting. The photos speak for themselves. Other shocking situations from China is the number of child labor; here you can see a little boy working as a tire repair worker. […]

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