Chinese boy working as a tire repair worker
July 13, 2010

The number of children working in China is not known. Because of China’s repressive political system, it was not possible to obtain any information directly from China. News reports alluding to possible child labor problems in China are anecdotal in nature, providing details on specific investigations of factory fires and other disasters where children were present. These involve a range of export industries including garments/textiles, fireworks, and toys. There is some anecdotal information on child labor in the footwear, electronics, handicrafts (including artificial flowers), and gun industries, but supporting evidence is not available.
This Chinese boy working as a tire repair worker:

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  2. Can some NGO organizations look after this and sure they can fund for his mechanical studies instead of wasting their time in unwanted issues

  3. Although these pictures amaze me, i still disagree with how the parents allow this little kid to work on this field.

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