Even Dr. Phil, the relationship expert, in a recent interview admitted that most therapists and counselors do not know how to fix a relationship. They will speculate on theory and behavior habits for the reasons behind some types of problems, but whether that sorts out your particular problem is more a matter of luck than anything else. Do you really know your counselors background? They are not going to divulge if they have come from a broken relationship. Are these the right people to be getting advice from? Issues between men and women differ in every relationship. For example, who makes the most money, does the most housework, wants more sex,less sex, who spends the most time with the kids. All of these issues are a direct result of who you and your partner are.

Does this mean it is hopeless and you cannot find help? A definite “NO” but studying relationship psychology may not be the right path to follow. What you might consider is a great self help book that will help you to communicate and relate with your partner better. Something for both of you to read and share.

Communication may be a big part of what is wrong with your relationship.

If there are issues in your relationship it takes guts to admit you have a problem and need to work on it. You can not just dismiss these problems and hope they will go away. Your problems will not disappear for good and probably will come back worse than before, developing a life of their own if they are not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Be willing to take one more step to prevent a breakup if you and your partner have invested a lot of time with each other. I want to suggest “The Magic of Making Up” as it is written by a man, Mr. Jackson, who is happily married and committed to helping his clients either become truly happy or help them choose to move on. Read some of the comments from his readers to see what impact the book has had on their lives.

Maybe you think you are at the end of your rope, but before making your decision, read this book so you will be armed with the knowledge to make the right decision for you, your partner and your children, if you have children.

Take one more big step to heal your relationship. You and your mate have invested time in each other so forget about studying relationship psychology and concentrate on making each other happy like you were when you first started this relationship. There must have been something or you never would have gotten together in the first place.

Thank you for reading my article. I urge you to make the right decision, take a look at “The Magic of Making Up”.

admin On February - 26 - 2010

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