A Cleveland police officer pushes an 18-year old driver out of the way of an out-of-control car before being struck himself on an icy highway. The officers pelvis was broken, but he is expected to survive.

admin On March - 1 - 2010

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  1. D says:

    He didn’t push the guy out of the way. He was just running to jump over the railing.

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    This post was mentioned on Reddit by redpoint13: Is it just me or does not look like he pushes the kid very much? Not doubting he did, but we have no context or anything from him, the kid, or people on the scene….

  3. godForbid says:

    god forbid somebody see something like this on the internet and actually believe the cop ‘might’ve’ been trying to push the kid outta the way, without coming to the conclusion that the cop was actually just trying to save his own skin.

  4. Gary-Coaldigger says:

    Why do people drive to fast on slick roads?

  5. singles saskatchewan says:

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  6. california says:

    He didn’t push the guy out of the way. He was just running to jump over the railing.

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