Jokes are great ice breakers, mood lifters and a great source of happiness. There may be some people who are very talented when it comes to telling jokes but you can at least learn how to tell jokes and be funny.
Learning how to tell jokes and be funny can be a great skill. In fact, one of the characteristics that many women love in a man is a good sense of humor. Aside from that, many people love a funny man. Of course, nobody hates a man who can make them laugh. Aside from being a jolly companion, being funny can also make you an interesting speaker and life of the party.

Even if you are not a gifted comedian, it helps a lot to learn to tell funny jokes once in a while – to break the ice on meetings or on conversations, to be able to mingle with other people and to be more interesting. To help you with these, here are a few tips you can do.

Know your audience. It is important that you tell jokes to appropriate people and that you make sure you are crack a joke that is suited to your audience. Especially when it comes to jokes about stereotypes or ethnicity, you might want to be careful with who you are talking to before making a joke.

Find new jokes and don’t just rely on those old jokes you have heard and probably everybody has heard before. This is one tip that you should keep in mind always if you want to be that funny guy. Although jokes are the most popular means of making everyone laugh, you can however find punch lines and one-liners that can also be great – and you can cultivate that if you have a talent for that.

Proper timing is also essential in learning how to tell jokes. If in a conversation you have thought about a joke that would be appropriate and of the right timing, don’t wait that the atmosphere has died down before cracking that joke. It would not be funny anymore if your audience has already lost the momentum. Do not also be too eager to give all your best jokes at once. People would not be amused listening to the same old jokes over and over again, so give only jokes that are relevant to the situation at hand.

Be funny. If you want to learn how to tell jokes effectively, you have to learn how to be funny as well. Sometimes the intensity of your joke also depends on how funny you deliver them. Your facial expressions with a fun personality, it is a plus in trying to be funny.

Learn from others. The best teachers you can have on how to tell jokes effectively are the best comedians. Watch funny movies, read funny books. The more you are exposed to how great comedians deliver their jokes, the more you can learn from them. But do not duplicate them. Many people are most often disappointed in entertainers trying to be copycats of another – unless of course if you want to do an impression of a person.

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