The Python eats a Kangaroo!
The Python eats a Kangaroo!
July 3, 2010 Crazy

I don’t have any information about this series of photos. I found them on a Russian-language website. From what is visible from the picture, it does look like pythons eating a kangaroo, from the arms and the tail. and both speices are native to Austrailia, so it seems real.

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  2. Cleveland Tompson

    Horribly for cangaroo…

  3. I believe this was taken near Rockhampton, in Queensland Australia. The people were driving along an old road when they saw a kangaroo hopping awkwardly. They realised it was a snake as they caught up to it, and began taking photos. I believe the entire process of swallowing the ‘roo took about 2 hours

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