BMW made out of bricks Chinese artist Dai Geng is asking 80,000 for this BMW even though it handles like a brick. And that’s because it is one – or rather hundreds to be precise. He spent more than a year cementing the brick blocks together which he then carved into a sporty 155mph BMW 6 series, and even managed to make brick hinges so the doors open and close.

BMW made out of bricks

The car, which comes with an 80,000 pound price tag, has been on display at Shenzheng, in Guangdong province, in southeastern China, for the past year and now has been put up for sale.

BMW made out of bricks

Daii said: “Only the windows are not made of bricks. Everything else including the tyres, the steering wheel, the exhaust pipe and trimmings are made of brick. I have had it on display for the year after it was unveiled last January – and now I want to sell it.”

BMW made out of bricks

He said the car would probably be sold for use as a garden ornament to one of the newly rich Chinese for whom BMW is regarded as extremely desirable because of the quality and performance.

BMW made out of bricks

BMW made out of bricks

BMW made out of bricks

If you like BMW check out this Symbiosis between BMW cars and art or you maybe like this Homemade Bike Porsche – Ferdinand GT3 RS!

admin On January - 9 - 2011

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