The Shocking Numbers Behind Cell Phone Usage
The Shocking Numbers Behind Cell Phone Usage (Infographic)
January 28, 2011 Featured

200,000,000,000,000 (two hundred trillion) text messages are received in America every single day, which is more than an entire year’s worth of regular mail that’s received in America. 3339 is average number of texts sent by an American teen each month.

The Shocking Numbers Behind Cell Phone Usage (Infographic)

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  2. how can a population of 308,745,538 send 2 hundred trillion messages a day? that is around 650,000 each person has to send????????

  3. 200,000,000,000,000 text messages
    divided by 307,000,000 approximate population of the usa
    = 651,466 texts per person, per day.

    Likewise app downloads is way off compared to other sites I’ve seen.
    I wouldn’t trust anything in the graphic.

  4. Um. No.

    200 Trillion msgs per day would be 666,667 messages per every single living American (~300 Million).

    Not possible.
    Go back and re-figure.

  5. I call complete and utter bullshit. There is no way that more than 640,000 text messages per person in the USA are received every day. You claim the average TEEN sends 3339 texts per MONTH, how the hell could everyone else be sending 200 times number that per DAY? Oh yeah, and the money spent on mobile devices will increase by a factor of 42 in 5 years, i.e. more than DOUBLING every YEAR? RIIGHT. There are over 234 million cellphone users in the USA. It’s a good bet they spent more than 42.8/234 = 18 cents apiece on their phones last year. You should be embarrassed to post such innumerate nonsense. Clearly, you’re just makin’ shit up.

  6. 200 trillion? where did you get this bullshit? Do you know how to do math?

  7. 200 Trillion? FAIL.

  8. You have utterly failed at math. 200 trillion messages per day, divided by 300 million Americans, means that the average American is receiving 650,000 text messages per day.

    Which is obviously not true. You’re off by a factor of probably 10,000.

  9. Impossible. Assuming there are 300,000,000 (300 Million) Americans who can receive texts (that’s an overestimate), it follows that the average number of texts received per person per day would be just over 600,000. Innumeracy….

  10. I call bullshit on those numbers. 200 Trillion text messages would require every man woman and child in america to receive more than 650,000.

  11. It’s impossible that these texts are going to persons. At that rate, each person in America would be receiving an average of 600,000 texts. The graphic also says teens send an average of 100 per day (3300/month). So what’s the real story?

  12. This is false. If it was true that 200 trillion texts are received, every person in America must receive 600 thousand texts a day. Including babies and 90 year olds.

    Do you really believe that?

  13. This chart is now wrong because Android OS has surpassed Apple in terms of how many Americans use it.

  14. Apple is responsible for 99.4% of all app downloads? Are you serious? As of July 15, android users have downloaded over 1 Billion apps. Apple surpassed 10 Billion at the beginning of this year. I have no idea about WP7 apps, or other more obscure platforms, but even without that apple is not responsible for 99.4% of app downloads. Not even responsible for 90%. So some research before you make an “info” graphic.

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