Brookesia micra - The world's smallest chameleon
Brookesia micra – The world’s smallest chameleon
February 16, 2012 Cool

A team of German and American scientists have discovered a new species of chameleon, Brookesia micra. The 29mm reptile is no bigger than the flies an average-sized chameleon would feed on. Scientists discovered four new species – called Brookesia micra – on a small islet just off the main island of Madagascar.
Brookesia micra - The world's smallest chameleon

Lead researcher Frank Glaw said the team already had experience finding tiny lizards in Madagascar, “but it was also good luck.”
The team searched for the tiny lizards under the cover of darkness, using headlamps and flashlights to seek out the sleeping chameleons. All four species are active during the day, and at night climb up into the branches to sleep.

Brookesia micra - The world's smallest chameleon

The newly discovered chameleons are only found in an area just a few square kilometers in size. Scientists believe they might be especially sensitive to habitat destruction.
Photos: 2012 Glaw et al.

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