Valentines day has been always special. And to make it more memorable here are some easy ways that may help you.

  1. Arrange an indoor picnic with all the arrangements made beforehand like the table decorated  with a bunch of Valentine’s Day Flowers, tablecloth, paper goods and your favorite treats may be with a glass of wine. Enjoy your picnic in your bedroom, arrangement of some games would add more  to the moment.
  2. Identify some activities which both of you enjoy doing it like some salsa or tango dancing lessons or maybe watching one of your favorite movies together.
  3. Make a CD for your loved one with the songs which make you remember of your sweetheart and give it to him/her.
  4. You can together go for a historical  place visit better if the place  is a remembrance of some great lovers in past, e.g The Great Taj Mahal.
  5. Create a lovely Valentines day card embellished with some stones  may be some hearts or Valentine flowers or even your sketch, but be sure that you actually can do this. One will always love to have it and more than that the effort you will be putting to get it done.
  6. Create a home- spa atmosphere in your home, and make sure you give all the things like rose petals, bubble bath, face-mask, scrub, some scented candles delivered in a basket. Don’t forget to keep the towels ready for your partner after he/she is done.
  7. Girls you can plan your whole day  as his favorite, right from the breakfast  to dessert at night by preparing all the favorite dishes  of his choice. Just keep on surprising him the whole day. May be his favorite music and TV channels would serve as cherry on top.
  8. Make the arrangement to play a sport that both of you haven’t played for a long time but you really wanted to do so and make sure that both of you really enjoy playing it.
  9. Pick up a few household cores which you usually really don’t like to perform and surprise your partner by doing it even before they get the chance.
  10. Go out for a  walk together in the nearby locality may be watching the sunset together with hands in hands and sharing some snacks and also your thoughts.
  11. Write “I Love you because……” message in small papers and insert them into balloons and fill a room with them and then allow your mate to pop and discover every message  inside it.
  12. You can make a beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers bouquet deliver to your doorstep  along with the flowers of her choice accompanied with a card having your message saying how special she is to you.

Besides all these ways there are many other ways to make your Valentine day special in a great way. All you need is little bit pre planned schedule and of course your desire to make it special for your valentine. Finally it is always the effort, the feelings that counts not the gifts.

Have an awesomely romantic Valentine-Day!!

admin On January - 28 - 2013

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