Are You Qualified for the Aruba Wireless Mesh Professional Certification?
Are You Qualified for the Aruba Wireless Mesh Professional Certification?
October 25, 2013 Articles

Since it is a professional level Aruba certification, the Aruba Wireless Mesh Professional (AWMP) certification is not intended for professionals with beginner level knowledge and experience. Instead, you should only attempt to earn the AWMP certification if you have experience working as an engineer and have previously deployed and managed Aruba AirMesh outdoor wireless mesh networks.

In order to prove your comprehension and skill levels, you’ll be required to pass a 75 question test within 90 minutes. The exam costs $125 and is multiple choice. Each exam must be taken at a Pearson/VUE test center. In order to prepare for the exam, you may use ExamTrace, which is a service that provides exam preparation for many types of certification tests. Another option is to complete the authorized Aruba Wireless Mesh Networks (AWMN) training course.

To pass the AWMP exam, you should have an understanding of wireless mesh router architecture, RF concepts, antenna concepts, mesh router configuration, and network convergence. Additionally, you should be able to understand outdoor mesh network design best practices, outdoor RF planning, and mesh network troubleshooting and management.

Earning this certification is a great way to move beyond entry-level engineer positions within the IT industry. If you have previous certifications and hands-on working experience, but cannot seem to gain access to the next level of employment opportunities, then this certification might be right for you. It will demonstrate to potential employers that you have a thorough understanding of wireless mesh networking, and it may open up opportunities for advancement and salary increases.

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