Bizarre Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang is a Hong Kong sculptor specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art work. Tsang’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Spain and Switzerland and collected by local and overseas museums and collectors. Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, “human beings” and “objects”, into creative themes.

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Talented Painter Makes Incredible Art

The Dutch artist Henk Hofstra has really some unique art works. He mostly likes to paint object from the countryside, like beautiful landscapes, cows and colorful flowers. Sometimes he takes another turn and goes to Amsterdam to shoot some amazing city photos. Several times he has mixed up photography and painting.

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Impressive Book Sculptures and Cut-out Illustrations

Paper seems to impress this artist because almost everything she makes is out of that material. The artist I’m talking about is the talented Su Blackwell that is also an art director. She likes fairy tales and folk-lore and is making several book-sculptures where she cuts out shapes from old books and make them to something new. Here you can see that she has made mini-trees and plant sculptures that she has protected inside glass boxes.

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Delicate Sculptures Made From Special Material

Discovering an exclusive material called CX5 Adam Beane has been sculpting amazing sculptures. And they are sculptures of famous people or characters like Barrack Obama, Princess Leia, Alessandro Del Piero and Johnny Cash. The special material CX5 a really versatile material that Beane himself developed which handles like clay when warm but is hard as plastic when cool. Pretty awesome, huh?

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Using different drinks is a unique way to describe several famous movies. This project was done in collaboration with EveryGuyed and Suitored, and the title they added to the project name was: 20 Classic Men’s Movies Liquerated. The design of the illustrations was done by Glenn Michael who also is the illustrator. It shows different drinks and glasses that represent movies like American Pie, The Departed and The Hangover. The illustration series is called “Mixed Reviews” with a style that […]

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Who would have thought that you could use feather to create something so amazing? It looks like water running out of pipes and walls, but it is actually a bunch of single feathers from pigeons. Artist Kate Mccgwire from London is the brain behind this work, and she is not only making “feather water”, but also other sculptures that I would say are abstract, but that gives the art pieces a modern look.

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Using Typewriters To Create Art

Typewriters have been used for ever, it seems, and that is true. From 1870 and through much of the 20th century typewriters were used in many business offices and other places as well. Today it is vintage to have one at home, but it is a fact that it has long ago been replaced with computers. But still you will find people that uses typewriters to different purposes. Artist Keira Rathbone is actually making black-and-white portraits by printing letters, symbols […]

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The Italian artist Franco Recchia really showed his creative and urban side by creating this art piece. It is amazing how detailed he managed to make the city landscapes and their skyscrapers. It is even more impressive that he used computer parts to make it. If you know computers well you will understand what part is what, but for me it looks the same.

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Age Maps

One of the things young people wonder about a lot is how they are going to look when they get older, and older people are looking at photos of themselves when they were young wishing they could turn back time. Artist Bobby Neel Adams has mixed these two aspects by making photo montages of two pictures of the same person, only one half of the photo is the face of the person when they were a child, and the other […]

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Body Arts

Looking at the paintings on these photos, the first thing you will realize is that they are not painted on the wall but on a human body. Only that little fact draws attention because it is done in such an interesting way. Chadwick Gray and Laura Spector are the brains behind this project that they call “Museum Anatomy”, where they simply mix up fine art and body painting.

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