WikiLeaks fight vs the Pentagon?
WikiLeaks fight vs the Pentagon?
April 5, 2010 Articles

After we can read ” The Pentagon is spying on us,’ claims whistleblower website Wikileaks after leaking top secret documents“, WikiLeaks, a whistle blowing website run by The Sunshine Press, today fight back whit publishing a classified video they say was taken from a US Apache helicopter on July 2, 2007, in Baghdad, which shows the killing of civilians and Reuters news staff.
Speaking to Al Jazeera on-air, Julian Assangethe, WikiLeaks founder said:
In this video, I think you see the corruption of pilots in the military by war itself, in particular by the modern nature of aerial warfare. So you see these young pilots actings as if they’re playing video games, only the high scores they’re getting are with real human lives.

WikiLeaks set up a separate website with detailed information on the video, which it said it obtained from a number of  “military whistleblowers”.

“WikiLeaks goes to great lengths to verify the authenticity of the information it receives,” the website write.
“We have analysed the information about this incident from a variety of source material. We have spoken to witnesses and journalists directly involved in the incident.”
In the video, a voice can be heard saying there has been a shooting in the area. The unidentified person later receives permission to open fire.
Following the shooting, the footage shows troops carrying two injured children, as another unidentified person asks for permission to take the wounded out of the area.
A voice responds, saying, “Well, it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle.”

There was no immediate comment from the US military on the video but how the Pentagon response we’ll probably read it soon!

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