When thinking about humor have you ever heard that the closest thing to laughter is tears? I can just picture my grandma now, hopelessly out of control, laughing so hard she was shaking, with no noise coming out but unable to stop, mouth wide open, and eyes crinkled in glee, with big crocodile tears running down her face. It’s kind of odd, the two sides of humor, we laugh, we relax, we find relief, but a lot of times there […]

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Jokes are great ice breakers, mood lifters and a great source of happiness. There may be some people who are very talented when it comes to telling jokes but you can at least learn how to tell jokes and be funny. Learning how to tell jokes and be funny can be a great skill. In fact, one of the characteristics that many women love in a man is a good sense of humor. Aside from that, many people love a […]

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UK Grand National 2010 - Tricky Trickster

On Saturday, April 10 2010, the John Smith’s Grand National will take place with a record prize fund of £925,000 so competition for a place among the forty starters is fierce as it is the only race in which the British Horse racing Authority’s Head of Handicapping, Phil Smith, can use his discretion to determine the weight each horse will carry.

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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef, was born on May 27, 1975. He is an English chef well-known for his television shows in the UK and, lately, in the United States. He is now known worldwide for his campaign against processed foods in government-owned high schools. More than that, he wants to change the unhealthy diet of most children and teenagers in Western countries. He also advocates family cooking as a means of encouraging families to eat healthier meals.

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The Good And The Bad Of The Internet Dating Sites

The good side Nowadays singles and the majority of people, generally speaking, are quite lucky with the online choices they have compared to 10 or 20 years ago given the options the internet now offers them. 20 years ago there were far less online things than are accessible nowadays. Mobile phones are a great example of how far the internet has developed in recent years.

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Walking, like yoga, seems to have become a new age therapy, We often feel the need to force fit it into our daily schedule. But in reality, it is mans’ most natural way of getting from one place to the other. It existed much before the wheel, or any other form of transportation was invented. We are a race of natural walkers, and for a long time we enjoyed the benefits of walking; a healthier heart, reduced body fat, better […]

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