Lewis Hamilton no love lost for McLaren F1

Lewis Hamilton offered the day phase when arriving at the speaker, instead of stopping at his booth, Mercedes, parked at McLaren. Check out this funny video and Hamilton Girlfriend epic reaction:

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Facebook Police - Funny Skit Video

Slightly older funny skit video, but now I just looked. Watching what’s new on Facebook, and then the Facebook police rushed in…. Watch this funny clips from the late night TV show on ABC – Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Magic Keyboard - Funny Skit

In this funny skit Anthony finds a keyboard that allows him to manipulate the real world by using computer shortcuts.

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Drunk Russian driver makes phone call with pack of cigarettes

Russian drunk driver tries to phone home using pack of cigarettes after being pulled over for erratic driving. Russian police could hardly control their laughter when a drunk driver attempted to make “phone calls”. Check out and this video with drunk man!

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An incredibly smart cockatoo unfastens a lock on his cage, swings open the latch, and escapes. Then cockatoo go to other side of the cage and unfastens a lock on next cage. Check the video below this entry.

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Kittens Falling Down Slide

Do you like going down the slide? These kittens look like going down the slide, and the cat will have a lot of work. A kitten brought up, and the other down the slide, and then again from scratch… Check out the video below this post.

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Beer Lovers

I knew beer must taste great cos everyone loves beer but it seems this dog knows something I don’t know.This is a normally a very friendly dog but try and take away his beer and he gets a little angry.

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Palestinian Cop

Palestinian traffic cop takes his job seriously and every day shows how much loves his job. I really don’t know how to react American drivers to saw him at one of our intersection. Watch the video below.

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Live News Fight

Two guys sitting in the background of news broadcasts aren’t just staring into space. At one point, they start fighting live in the news on television. Watch the video in the rest of this entry…

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The Ultimate Car Wash

These guys developed the fastest and one of the cleanest car washes in the world. Still working on a couple minor bugs though. Dredger to wash a car? Interesting idea, but how it ended up check in the video below post.

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